About the exhibition

The special exhibition commemorating the founding of the ear clinic in Vienna in 1873 focuses on the human hearing organ.
Using objects from the Josephinum's unique collections, it provides an insight into the fascinating history of otology.

As early as 1779, Joseph II founded an "Institute for the Deaf and Dumb" in Vienna, which enabled regular teaching, in particular of sign language and spoken language. In 1873, the year of the Vienna World Exhibition, the world's first specialized university ear clinic opened in Vienna. New instruments, diagnostic procedures and treatments were developed. Although the ear clinic only had two rooms when it was founded, it became world-famous and laid the foundations for modern otology.

Almost 100 years later, the development of the cochlear implant in
Austria opened up a new dimension in the treatment of severe hearing disorders.

With art contributions by Jeremias Altmann, Christina Gruber, Meret Oppenheim,
Katharina Sabernig, Nives Widauer.

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