The Josephinum is largely financed from the budget of the Medical University of Vienna. Additional funds are needed to enable the necessary measures to preserve the collections.


We have also established a sponsorship program for the anatomical wax models. The collection of anatomical wax models in the Josephinum is a single great work of art. The wax objects are suffering at the hands of ageing processes, mechanical stresses and climactic conditions. The only remedies are careful restoration work along with continuous care, conservation and improvement of the environmental conditions.

By taking on a sponsorship, you are supporting us to preserve and research this cultural heritage and make it accessible in an appropriate way for both science and the general public.

Forms of sponsorships

Wax model sponsorships
Starting from a donation of 700 euros, a sponsorship for a wax model can be taken over. The contribution is open upwards and depends on the size and restoration needs of the objects. 

Book sponsorships
A book sponsorship begins with a donation of 500 euros. The contribution is also open upwards and depends on the size and restoration needs of the objects.

Sponsors receive a certificate with the name and an illustration of the object they are supporting.
In addition, sponsors’ names are published on the Josephinum website and in the entrance area of the museum. We are happy to take your personal preferences into account when choosing the object, and can offer suitable suggestions.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact: or +41 1 40160 26051.

List of sponsors

We offer our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors:

Martin Andreas ° Erhard Busek ° Richard Crevenna ° Christiane Druml ° Theodore Friedmann ° Lawrence Richard Grubman Jr. ° Elisabeth Hagen ° Ingeborg Hirsch ° Franz Kainberger ° Dontscho Kerjaschki ° Dieter Kosak ° Maximilian Marhold ° Franz Piza ° Roland Sedivy ° Michael Trauner ° Ingrid Vavra ° Matthias Vavra ° Ernst Wolner ° Abteilung für Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie am Krankenhaus der Elisabethinen Linz ° CeMM ° Dr. Stroymayer Stiftung ° Peppermint VenturePartners ° Springer Verlag ° Wiener intensivmedizinische Tage ° Zentrum für Pathobiochemie und Genetik (MedUniWien)

Friends of Josephinum

The Friends of the Josephinum Association was founded in 2013 with the aim of supporting the activities of the Josephinum. These include the work of preserving and researching our holdings, new acquisitions, scientific research, publications, organizing exhibitions, scientific discussions and conferences as well as public relations.


  • for one calendar year
  • Regular member:  50 euros
  • Regular member (student): 18 euros

Regular members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free admission to our exhibition areas
  • Exclusive events program
  • Exhibition openings, book presentations and lectures
  • 20-percent discount on publications

If you have any further questions, please contact:

  • for one calendar year
  • Supporting members and sponsors:  300 euros

Benefits for supporting members and sponsors:

  • Artists’ limited edition available
  • One catalog free of charge per year
  • Previews and private tours
  • Your name on the website

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Board of Directors

Dr. Eliette Thurn-Valsassina-Zeiler

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aulitzky

Prof. Dr. Dontscho Kerjaschki
2nd Vice-President

Prof. Dr. Robin Rumler

Prof. Dr. Richard Crevenna
Deputy Registrar

Prof. Dr. Martin Andreas

Prof. Dr. Barbara Neubauer
Deputy Treasurer

Dr. Christiane Druml


The mature collections now reflect over 650 years of the institution’s history; their richness and diversity make them a treasure of international significance.

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